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Visa de Estados Unidos

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Experto en servicios de visas de Estados Unidos desde 2003, VisaHQ es una agencia privada de visas que no tiene ninguna afiliación con el gobierno del Estados Unidos y
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Our service includes:
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- Scheduling consulate interviews appointment
- Advice on required documents
- Information on visa interview and submission process
- Visa delivery from the Consulate

Llenar Estados Unidos visa de turista formulario de solicitud en línea

Envíenos por correo los siguientes documentos:

Original passport. The passport must be valid at least 6 months after the intended date of departure from the territory of the destination country and has at least 2 blank visa pages.
Passport-type photograph. A digital passport-type photograph 2'x2' (5cmx5cm) taken within the last 6 months. This may be taken using a cell phone against a white wall provided if it meets the standards of a passport-type photograph.
Passport copy. A clear scan of the information page of your valid, signed passport.
Proof of status. Original proof of immigration status in Argentina such as a resident card, work, or study permit. The document should be valid for more than 6 months from the time of application.
Employment letter. A copy of a letter from your employer on business letterhead, with contact details, purpose and duration of the trip and that you will be returning to your current job. If you are self-employed, please include a copy of your business license and tax return. If you are retired please submit proof of your retirement fund.
Personal invitation. If visiting friends or family, you must provide letter of invitation with the contact information of the host and visitor, purpose and duration of the visit, confirmation of accommodation including the address, signature and date.
Previous passports. Previous passport and resident card if possible.
Criminal History. If you have ever been criminally responsible, provide copy of judgment transcript.
DS-160 Application form will be prepared within 5 business hours or 3 business hours for corporate.

Applicants who have ever been arrested, cautioned or convicted or a previous offence, must declare this information in their visa application. This will require ‘administrative processing’ by the US Embassy, and will extend the consular processing time up to 60 days from the date of the visa interview. As timing is based on individual circumstances of each case, the US Embassy cannot guarantee visa issuance or visa processing times in advance of the interview. If you have a criminal conviction, we recommend that you apply well in advance of your intended travel date.
A Police Certificate or Court records pertaining to the arrest or conviction must be taken to the appointment, this applies even if the sentence is considered spent.

Travelers to the United States who have been afflicted with a disease of public health significance, a mental disorder which is associated with a display of harmful behavior, or are a drug abuser or addict may be ineligible to receive a visa. If found ineligible, they will require a waiver of ineligibility in order to travel.
At the time you apply for a nonimmigrant visa you are required to furnish from a doctor, specialist and/or other professional person familiar with your case a letter that addresses the following:

- diagnosis and relevant medical history of the your condition;

- current state of health;

- the likelihood of a need for care or hospitalization during your stay in the United States;

- whether you, in the opinion of the doctor, are likely to remain in a stable condition during the trip, and are likely to cope with a strange environment;

- details of any history of harmful behavior you have shown towards yourself, others, or property.

If you are applying for a nonimmigrant visa and have ever been denied entry into the United States by a US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer, you should bring a copy of the report of the incident, Form I-877 or I-867, to the visa interview.
Note: If you were not provided with copies of these forms, or are no longer in possession of them, you may apply with just the personal data form VCU1.

If you have ever been deported or removed from the United States you may be prohibited from reapplying for a visa depending on the circumstances for up to ten years. If you wish to travel during the period of exclusion you will require a visa and waiver of ineligibility. At the time you apply for the visa you are required to furnish a copy of the the removal proceedings or any documentation relating to your deportation/removal.

If you have overstayed the period of time granted by U.S. immigration under the Visa Waiver program (VWP) or violated the terms of a previously issued U.S. visa, you are required to apply for a visa at which time you are required to present full details of your overstay. In any of the above mentioned cases, you are also required to complete and bring a personal data form VCU1.

Tasas de Estados Unidos de visa de turista para ciudadanos de Argentina

Entrada Múltiple
  • Validez: up to 10 years
  • Tratamiento: 5-7 días hábiles
  • Costo total: 339.00 
    Estados Unidos visa help
    Cost calculation
    Tarifa Embajada: 185.00 Tratamiento: 154.00: 0.00 Costo total: 339.00
Estancia máxima en Estados Unidos: 90 days  
Estados Unidos visa help Estancia máxima se refiere al número de días permitidos en una sola visita.
Estancia máxima en Estados Unidos: 90 days
Estados Unidos visa help Estancia máxima se refiere al número de días permitidos en una sola visita.
Visa HQ will arrange the appointment, please email us your availability.
Note that availability of appointments may delay the process.
Se requiere visa Estados Unidos para ciudadanos de Argentina para mayor información por favor contacte a la oficina más Embajada de Estados Unidos.

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